the gift witch and wizard

kayla conger


whit and wisty are kid who have magic and they were torn from their mom and dad in the middle of the night then they found out they have magic and they have to their magic to save the world and their mom and dad.

list if characters

whit- big brother likes poems and loves celia

wisty- little sister of whit turns in to firer

the one- the bad guy can control all the elements seep for firer

lost one- dead people who have not crossed over very dangers

byron swain- in love with wisty works with the one

mom-didn't tell them they had magic

dad- love classic music

the resistance-fighting for freedom from the one

celia- dies in the beginning is a lost one with controlle over the others

analysis: wisty

trait 1-protective she trys to save her brother from being killed and fights and wins

trait 2- crazy turns in to a ball of fire in a crowed of people


''so your here to tell me he cant be stop'' i say ''typical grown up stuff, give it a rest, get real, stop fighting for nothing.


family- whit and wisty stay together no matter what happens to them they fight for each other and they know and trust each other no matter what is going on with the world they help each other and love one and other

important event

whit and wisty found their mom and dad and they realized the have learned they dont need them to do whats right


to young adults and people who like supernatural books