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Week 33: April 19th—30th

6th Grade Track Meet

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Shooting Baskets For Cash

Mustang Monday Message

Mustang Family,

The top picture illustrates why I love our Mustangs so much! During the 6th grade track meet, the little boy pictured, wanting to be a big boy like the 6th graders, began running around the track. Many of our 6th graders joined him on the track, or cheered loudly, so that they could make his experience as fun as possible...we truly have incredible kids at Meadow Brook—I am blessed to learn so much from them!

Over the last two weeks we had so much fun celebrating literacy as a school! We loved seeing you during our nightly Zoom sessions with authors...thank you for your generous support!

We would also like to remind you, and gently beg:), to register your students for next school year as soon as possible. Our school is growing and so the sooner we know our enrollment numbers, the better teachers we will be able to hire if needed. Registration instructions are below.

End of year testing has, or will, begin soon. We have found that students typically do much better with their testing, when they test with their class. Teachers should be sending a schedule home with their testing times, so that you know when those dates will be. This testing data will be very helpful to us next year as we determine the needs of each student.

Thank you all for your incredible support! Best,

Principal Balli

Mensaje del lunes de Mustang

Familia Mustang,

¡La imagen superior ilustra por qué amo tanto a nuestros Mustangs! Durante la competencia de pista de sexto grado, el niño de la foto, queriendo ser un niño grande como los de sexto grado, comenzó a correr por la pista. Muchos de nuestros estudiantes de sexto grado se unieron a él en la pista, o lo vitorearon en voz alta, para que pudieran hacer que su experiencia fuera lo más divertida posible ... realmente tenemos niños increíbles en Meadow Brook. ¡Tengo la bendición de aprender mucho de ellos!

¡Durante las últimas dos semanas nos divertimos mucho celebrando la alfabetización como escuela! Nos encantó verte durante nuestras sesiones nocturnas de Zoom con los autores ... ¡Gracias por tu generoso apoyo!

También nos gustaría recordarle, y rogarle amablemente :), que inscriba a sus estudiantes para el próximo año escolar lo antes posible. Nuestra escuela está creciendo y, por lo tanto, cuanto antes sepamos nuestros números de inscripción, mejores maestros podremos contratar si es necesario. Las instrucciones de registro se encuentran a continuación.

Las pruebas de fin de año han comenzado, o comenzarán pronto. Hemos descubierto que a los estudiantes les va mucho mejor en sus exámenes, cuando lo hacen con su clase. Los maestros deben enviar un horario a casa con los horarios de los exámenes, para que sepa cuándo serán esas fechas. Estos datos de las pruebas serán de gran ayuda para nosotros el próximo año mientras determinamos las necesidades de cada estudiante.

¡Gracias a todos por su increíble apoyo! Mejor,

Director Balli

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Tabitha's Way Book Drive

Tabitha’s Way would like to invite us to participate in a new event called Read & Feed which will take place on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

The purpose of this event is to encourage children to continue to read during the summer and to educate families facing food insecurity regarding food resources available to them and their children while they are not attending school. There goal is to gather 10,000 gently used books that children can take home with them and keep to read during the summer.

The children who come to the event will receive a tote bag and will be able to pick out up to 10 books to read during the summer months. During the event, Tabitha’s Way will also hand out Summer Feeding Vouchers to guide families to utilize the free food resources at our pantry. Additionally, they will provide information regarding other ways and means to access free food assistance and reading programs, such as Feeding in the Park and city library reading programs within the Nebo School District.

There is a temporary green book donation bin outside of our main entrance that will be outside of Meadow Brook during the month of April for any that would like to donate gently used books that they no longer need.The book donations should meet the same guidelines schools follow, meaning they need to receive books that are appropriate for children between the ages of 0-15 and that are not political or faith-specific. Thank you!


*Wednesday, April 28th: 5th Grade Springville Track Meet

*Thursday, April 29th: BMX Assembly

*Friday, April 30th: Mighty Mustang Stampedes/Spirit Day

*Monday, May 3rd: Fire Drill

*Wednesday, May 5th: 4th Grade Springville Track Meet

Springville Track Meets

5th grade: April 28th

4th grade: May 5th

3rd grade: May 12th

Spectator & Student Rules:

  • Parents/spectators are welcome to come. Parents/spectators must wear masks and cannot sit in the student bleachers, which typically is the home team side.
  • Students must wear masks except during the event in which they are participating.

Principal Mustang Club Winners

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We need you!

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School Safety

Passenger Pick-Up, Safe School Walking Route & SRP

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