Counseling Through Connections

Quarter 2 (2014-15)

Classroom News

6th Grade with Hopkins:

It is great to see our 6th graders beginning to fit in more at OMS and get into a routine. 6th graders have been working with Mrs. Hopkins on building their self-esteem and transferring these skills for success next quarter. Middle school can be a challenging time for students when it comes to fitting in and finding their way. Mrs. Hopkins will continue helping students with their self-concept and providing them with the tools they need to reach goals for the remainder of the year.

7th Grade with Reid:

Mrs. Reid's school counseling lessons for Quarter 2 focused on drug prevention education. The students were given a pre-assessment on their knowledge regarding the dangers of marijuana. Next the students viewed the video Pothead which is a fictional story narrated by Trevor, a young man who candidly shares his experiences of marijuana. The lesson focused on teaching decision making skills and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Parents received the flyer "The Blunt Truth" which included information on the physical effects of the drug.

8th Grade with Meek:

Mrs. Meek focused on reviewing Career Clusters with her students during Quarter 2. Students were reminded how there are many different occupations to choose from in the world of work. The sixteen clusters is simply a way to classify all of the various occupations. Students were provided a Keynote presentation and encouraged to share with their parents. Students played Career BINGO and participated in a Career Cluster Inventory. Be sure to check out the site Mrs. Meek used in class below.

Never Forgotten Group - Coping with Loss and Grief

Middle school is a time of great emotional, cognitive, and physical growth for children. Students at this age develop at such different rates and there can be a lot of variation in how grief is expressed. They may be fearful about showing strong emotions in front of peers and of being treated differently after a loss. At this age children want to feel more independent. The natural dependence of grief reactions can precipitate and be hard to handle. Although students may want support from adults, they may worry about being seen as "childish". At school, they should be able to seek adults for support in a private and confidential way. Middle school students are well-known for being influenced by and wanting to fit in with their peers. They may feel isolated from non-grieving peers, or worry their way of grieving is "wrong".

The Never Forgotten Group helps provide that support. It is a 6 week group where students can express feelings about loss and grief. Participating in a support group with other grieving middle school children can be very helpful. Please contact Pat Reid at 803-631-8005 or email if you are interested in your child participating in this group.

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RAP (Raising Awareness of Parents)

There will be a RAP session on February 26, 2015 titled "Helping Students Cope with SADDness: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Destructive Behaviors". Information will be coming soon to register for the event. Be looking out for the flyer on Peach Jar (email flyer service). Two different times and locations will be offered.

Option One: Lunch and Learn - Good Samaritan Methodist Church in Lake Wylie at 11:30 am

Option Two: Hot Dog Dinner - District Resource Center in Clover at 6:00 pm

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the session where counselor support will be available if you have questions. Please try to come out and learn more about how to help our children cope with the many emotions taking place during the teen years.

Job Shadow Day - March 20, 2015

OMS Job Shadow Day is March 20, 2015. Students will have the opportunity to explore the world of work by spending time with an adult in the workplace. This school-wide activity meets ASCA (American School Counselor Association) standards of college to career readiness. More information will soon follow regarding this event.

8th Grade Important Dates

March 5 & 6: ATC Tour (Applied Technology Center)

8th graders will take a tour of the ATC at Clover High School to see all the exciting electives available. Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Sports Medicine, Drama, are just a few of our stops on the tour. This experience will hopefully provide students with a better understanding of the various elective classes offered to rising ninth graders.

April 25: IGP Day - (Individual Graduation Plan)

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 25. In April, you will receive an invitation in the mail indicating a time to attend your child's IGP conference at Clover High School. As part of the Personal Pathways initiative, middle school students explore clusters of study relevant to their career goals, interests, and abilities. Beginning in the 8th grade, students write an Individual Graduation Plan with help from academic advisors and parents or guardians. The IGP is a road map that guides students toward their education, career, and employment goals. IGP conferences will take place beginning in 8th grade and continue each year at Clover High.

Mrs. Meek will visit classrooms 3rd quarter to discuss the IGP process with students. There will be a parent meeting scheduled in April to go over more details about beginning Clover High as a 9th grader and what to expect at the IGP conference. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Meek if you have any questions at 803-631-8048.

Click below to view a description of the sixteen Career Clusters.

High Flying EAGLE - Character Recognition

Congratulations to the following students for showing EAGLE character and following Rachel's Challenges for Quarter 2. These students will go off campus to eat lunch at Wendy's!


Grace Archer, Fabii Garcia-Nunez, Devlin Glover, John Robert Good, Hannah Grigg, Bella Houston, Jason Marsan, Aidan Marshall, Willie Morrison, Logan Morrison, Kya Richardson, Sophie Truchon, Abigail Walker, Abbie Welborn, and Ryan White


Madison Crisp, Christian Erwin, Reagan Garman, Matthew Lerner, Kendall Lowe, Cameron Malcolm, Nico Marsilio, Jayden Milbry, Miranda Roelker, Ashleigh Roppolo, Hannah Self, and Trey Trott


Payton Barrows, Corey Chambers, Jessica Chen, Marissa Cross, Erin Dickey, Noah Fernaders, Selah Gaylor, Cole Gilleland, Brett Jones, Jeremy Klug, Elizabeth Krause, Autum List, Ara Logan, Samantha Molina, Jolee Satterfield, Jordan Stanfield, Jackson Urbaniuk, Hannah Wodecki, and Dezi Zurbrugg-Mei.

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OMS School Counselors

6th Grade: Sherer Hopkins

7th Grade: Pat Reid

8th Grade: Kristen Meek