Bingham Elementary

News and Notes Week of October 2

Weekly Schedule

  • Blue Jay News on Canvas



  • Pledge - Mustain
  • Bus Evacuation Drill


  • Pledge - Mustain
  • Fifth Grade Don't Meth with me Presentation


  • Pledge - Mustain
  • School Pictures

Quick Reminders

  • Don't forget to apply to present at a staff meeting.
  • Complete Brightbytes Survey.

On-Going Reminders

  • Please remember to only send emergencies to the nurse's office during breakfast and lunch. Please use a blue note when you do.
  • Lunch counts and attendance need to be entered by 9:15, or Terri will start calling.


  • K-1 will be Monday and Thursday
  • 2-3 will be Tuesday and Friday
  • 4-5 plus Mrs. Slover, the office and stage will be Wednesday

Crazy Doc's rant and raves...

I thought I would retitle this section, seems more fitting at times.

Please get your conference schedules to Terri.

We have not had subs assigned to our building now twice. I want to thank everyone who steps up and helps out in those time of need. Penny covered in Mrs. Willoughby's class yesterday and several people helped out in the cafeteria. To those who are willing to step up and help out, thank you very much.

Google Teacher Translate.....
Ellen Introduces Kids to the Technology of Yesterday