1920's project

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Sacco and Vanzetti case

Communism is an ideology of economic equality through elimination of private property. People were afraid of communism because if accused you could of gone to jail or harsh consequences

Henry ford

Henry ford was a great innovator with his invention of the ford car. He had a big impact on society because he made the car affordable for people who weren't rich

The flappers

There was a new type of women. They were Called the flappers and they would show a lot of skin and wear short dresses they would be independent and have mind of there own

Scopes trial

It was a big controversial because people would want religion in education and the the scientist or atheist would want the evolution and it turned out to be a big problem

Fighting racism

The naacp was very good in helping to fight racism towards African Americans. They would let people know that racism is very cruel and should not be used or done to the people of African descent

Jazz age 1

Jazz is an improvisational music introduced by Louis Armstrong. Jazz music was usually about love poverty and oppression

Jazz age 2

The muscians were very important because they would sing with a lot of feeling. One great singer was Bessie smith who at one point was highest paid singer in the United States

Painters of Harlem Renaissance

Artists of the Renaissance contributed a lot because they would give African American community a creative sense and also it was very entertaining to see

Poets of Harlem Renaissance

There was many great poets during this era but the one that stood out for me was Langston Hughes. He would write powerful poems about the life of being an African American

Heroes of American aviation

One remembered heroe has to be the great Amelia Earhart and she stands out because she accomplished a lot of aviation goals but also gave women hope of being more than just a house wife

American sports

People of America were in love with baseball and especially with babe Ruth. He was the best baseball player and is still remembered now people would hear baseball through the radio that came out

Organized crime

Crime was growing in America and there was the infamous alcapone. One of the biggest drug lords in American history. He would sell alcohol illegally and ends up going to jail for not paying taxes

Racism and nativism

The impact of the klu klux klan was horrifying they were a group of racists people who did not like any race besides white people. They were very cruel to people who are not white people were terrified of them

Immigration restriction

The immigration law of 1924 would limit the annual number of immigrants coming to America from different places depending on the immigrants living in the us already