Interested in Psychiatry?

Natalie Swietonski

Could you imagine living in a world where mentally ill people aren’t aware of their illness? Or people that struggle with their problems may not have a solution? Well, that would be a world without psychiatrists. Many people don’t see the importance in being a psychiatrist, or they think it’s a waste of a “Doctor’s education”. In reality, it is equally as important as any other type of doctor or job.

Typical Day

A psychiatrist is a doctor that diagnoses and treats mental illness. This job can be done by anyone who is willing and patient enough to help others with their problems. Psychiatrists can treat people with minor emotional problems or severe mental illnesses. They can work in a number of different places like hospitals, jails, nursing homes, and even at their own office.


So what's so good about being a psychiatrist? For one, you get to walk away from a patient and know that you made their life easier by helping them with their illness. Normally, doctors, including psychiatrists, are able to work for themselves, so they can pick their hours and schedule. In my opinion, the best thing about being a psychiatrist, is the high salary. A psychiatrist can make $67000 to $180,000 dollars a year.

Education/ requirements

A psychiatrist must be someone that is patient and willing to help other people. This job involves a lot of listening and taking notes so patience is a big factor. Something that separates this job from others like therapists is that this job requires a lengthy education. In order to become a psychiatrist, you have to first attend college for a bachelor's degree in chemistry, biology, or a few other science majors. After you have completed the first four years, you go to medical school for your M.D. The last stretch is having a psychiatric residency for four years. In a residency you work at a hospital and gain experience of being a doctor.

Hopefully, when some people realize how hardworking and important psychiatrists are, they will be much more appreciated. With all of the good things that come along with this job, it’s easy to say it's one of the most rewarding jobs out there.