Points of Pride

September 28, 2018

Instructional Focus:

Conference week is done (insert giant exhale)! 4.5 days until a much needed and deserved break

Many of our students don't understand that fair and equal are not synonymous (even my personal children don't understand this). Many students wonder why Timmy gets to have a job everyday, while everyone else gets a job once a week, or maybe they wonder why Sally always gets to have the yoga ball chair.

At Settler's Point, fair means that every child gets what they need to be successful, which is very different from being equal. While that's a nice ideal, I know that implementation can be challenging.

I would encourage you to read the following short story, called the "Three Ralphs." This story is great read aloud for students to understand that we are dedicated to providing what is fair, and that's not always equal.

Upcoming Events:

Week of 10/1/18

  • 10/2: Cookie Dough delivered-parents can pick up from 3:15-6:00; Dad's Club meeting @ 7:00 at O.H.S.O Brewery
  • 10/3: 2nd Grade Zoo field trip-9:30-1:45; 3:15 Release
  • 10/4: Field Day for K-2-9:30-11:00; PTSO Meeting @ 3:30
  • 10/5: 12:15 Release

Week of 10/8/18

  • Fall Break-take some time for you (turn off your email notifications and "recharge")

Week of 10/15/18

  • 10/15: Teacher PD Day (schedule in last week's newsletter); Paraprofessional Conference at Campo Verde (information above)
  • 10/16: School Resumes
  • 10/17: First quarter report cards due; 2:15 Release-PLC
  • 10/18: Red, White and Blue Spirit Day; Operation Welcome Home @ 5:30
  • 10/19: Leadership Team @ 7:30; Dad's Club Movie Night @ 6:30