Hattie Iola Goodman

by Kacie Donaldson

The begining

My family came to America from present day Scandenavia, during the 1600's. For this project, I chose to research Hattie Iola Goodman, who was my great grandmother. She was born in 1912, in Tennessee, and also grew up there. Her father was Robert Lee Sansing, and her mother was Sadie Katherine Sansing, who died about a month after she was born due to birth complications. My great grandmother had 2 step sisters named Isabell and Nellie, she also had 3 step brothers named Leonard, Hubert, and Bobby.


My great grandmother got married to William Goodman in 1930. She had two kids named Francis, and Nelda Jean. For a very long time she worked as a seamstress, and made things including the canvas covers for guns used during World War 2. Because they were very poor, she also had to pick cotton to make money. Her step brother, Hubert, died during World War 2, and her dad died later in 1961. In 1991 she passed away due to heart failure.

What artifacts I found

Besides searching just for information online, I found something's of my great grandmother's. Some of the things I found were some pictures, letters written to her, the dictionary she used as a kid, and her wedding ring.

What did she witness during the time of her life?

When my great grandmother was 2 years old, World War 1 began, which was then followed by the great depression. World War 2 began when she was 27, and ended when she was 33 years old. Also president John F. Kennedy was assassinated when she was 51 years old.