Junkins Express

Week of May 9

All that and a Bag of Chips!

Ms. McCord, Ms. McCormick, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Shelton, Ms. Campuzano, Ms. Ellis, Euchena, Ms. Smith, Ms. Jackson and Margie for supporting the skit!

Ms. Davidson for organizing this past week for our teachers!

Cafeteria staff and our wonderful custodians for the yummy breakfast!

Teacher Appreciation Week


Monday, May 9th - Current PTA Board Lunch in the Cafeteria

Tuesday, May 10th - New PTA Board Lunch in the Cafeteria

Wednesday - May 11th - Sprouts is catering lunch

One last special surprise for our teachers!

Teacher's Appreciation Week (Jerry Junkins Elementary)

Preparing our students for the 21st century

Social skill: Empathy

What does it mean to put yourselves in other shoes? It means you understand the other person's feelings as if they were your own. When we see and feel the way other people do, we can get along better with them. When children have an understanding of the way other people feel, they are more likely to make friends and be successful in school.

Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk chalk STAAR inspirations on Monday before test. Come to the sidewalk by the playground or in front where buses arrive. Bring chalk if you have it please. Write words of encouragement … draw pictures.

(May 9th 7:15-7:30am)

Upcoming Events

May 9th: STAAR

May 10: STAAR

May 11th: STAAR

May 16th: PD

May 18th: ACP Window Begins

May 23rd: PD

May 27th: Field Day

June 3rd: Last day of school

Morning Duty

Gym: Kaifes, Sanford, Conner

Auditorium: McCord, Dupre, Stallsmith
Cafeteria: Ricci
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

PK-A - Andrade
Character word of the week is Citizenship. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word fairness. Please see announcement script on Google.

Jerry Junkins Elementary


Jerry Junkins seeks to be a premier elementary school by creating global citizens through setting and achieving high expectations for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.