Joining the EU in 1995

Austria was not a fonder of the EU

Austria and Hungary were the austro-hungarian empire.

Austria is located the northeast of solvakia on the east by Hungary , on the south by Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland , and on the west by Liechtenstein, and Germany

Austria's currency


Fun facts

The name Austria derives from a Germanic word Austro meaning east

Vienna has the oldest zoo in the world, founded in 1752

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Hollywood actor, grew up in Austria

Ferdinand Porsche, who is the founder of the German sports car company ‘Porsche’, was fromAustria

History of the flag

involved in a battle during the crusades duke friedrich the 2nd had a white battle dress soaked in blood as he took off his belt the fabric under was still white which inspired the flag pattern.

The hofburg palace

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna was for centuries the seat of Austria's monarchy, the powerful Habsburgs. Now the President conducts state business in the same rooms that once belonged to Emperor Joseph II.

Austria's government