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March 26, 2021

Upcoming Events

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Register New Kindergarten Students for the 2021-2022 School Year

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Registration and enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year will begin March 2nd and will be online through our school website. If you are unable to enroll online, please call the school office (846-5686) to schedule an appointment for registration assistance.


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Practice Makes Perseverance

Collaborate with your child or the whole family to set a goal. The goal can be anything that requires regular attention or practice such as:

  • Growing a reading level
  • Learning to cook a new meal
  • Developing a new athletic skill
  • Practicing independence (morning routine, homework, preparing for school, managing medication, self advocacy, etc.)
  • Investigating your family history to create a family tree

Once you’ve set the goal, think of 1-3 habits or regular action steps that you will need to achieve your goal. Create a habit tracker and check in daily to track progress.

You can check out this article about how to track habits with kids for inspiration:

Don’t forget to set a habit goal and plan a celebration for meeting it! Achieving your original goal is one reward, but it’s helpful to have a reward just for practicing and developing habits, even if you haven’t accomplished your end goal…yet!

Let's Keep Everyone Healthy and Our School Open

We are so happy to be able to give parents the choice for in person instruction for their children. Working together we can ensure that schools stay open. We are asking every family to please do the following:

1. Screen your child for symptoms each morning before sending them to school.

2. Keep your child home for at least 3 days if they are not feeling well - sick children should not be at school regardless of the cause of the illness.

3. Keep the lines of communication with the school open - we all want what is best for your child and working together we can accomplish that!

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Please keep children at home if anyone in the household is awaiting test results

Our Staff

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