By Ivy Ruckman and Owen Gietzen


Dan Hatch, Ryan Hatch, Linda Hatch, John Hatch, Arthur Darlington, Stacey Darlington, Ronnie Vae Darlington, Belle Smiley, Grandpa Hatch, Grandma Hatch, and Aunt Goldie

Problem and Solution

The problem is that there is a tornado that is destroying everything in its path. It is very very powerful. The solution is Dan's dad and mom find Dan. They go home and see their house and say " were going to be living on the farm for a while."


Dan explained red letter days and black letter days. A red letter day is something good that happens like Christmas. A black letter day is something bad like someone passes away or something like that. Dan talks about school and all of his friends he talks about Arthur's family the most. He was mostly comparing him and Arthur like saying that Arthur is smarter. Dan's dad goes to help Grandpa Hatch with his tractor. Dan started to help with dinner than Ryan started crying and interupted Mrs Hatch's phone call. Aunt Goldie sees Dan and Arthur and invites them in to do crafts. They say yes and then Arthur ends up not liking it so he goes and rides his bike.Dan and Arthur are folding diapers and doing dishes when Dan says "lets go over to your house" Arthur said no. Dan's mom left to go check on Mrs. Smiley. Then seven tornadoes hit and Dan, Arthur, and Ryan are all alone and then Dan runs to Ryan's room and grabs him then they go into the basement with a flashlight. Dan remembers that his dad told him the shower is the safest place. Then Dan starts to picture his mom getting sucked in by the tornado then he starts to bang his head against the wall and it stops. Dan felt like the tornadoes were all right on top of him he starts to worry about his family. Then Ryan starts to suck on Dan's finger Dan started to cry. Then when the tornadoes were done they tried to find a way up the Stacey came and found them and helped them up out of the basement then they go to Mrs. Smiley's house and Dan finds his mom and Dan, Stacey and Arthur all went to find Mrs. Smiley they did then they all found etchother including Dan's dad then Grandma Hatch died on the anniversery of the tornadoes.


The setting is in Grand Island Nebraska

Nebraska is in tornado alley.Nebraska's capital is Lincoln. Nebraska's state bird is the Western Meadowlark.