Brutality And Unvarnished Racism

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Murder of James Byrd, (May 2,1949-June7, 1998)

He was a African American who was murded by three men, who were white racist. Shawn Berry, Lawrance Russell Brewer, and John King. Therefore they dragged Byd 3 miles behind a pick up truck along asphalt road. Byrd remained Conscious throughout the ordeal was hit when his body hit the edge of a culvret. They Dumped His Torso in a cemetry.
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The Night James Brown Saved Boston (April 5, 1968)

April 5, 1968 Firday is one of the most catastrophic moments in history of the civil rights movement. Backstage at the Boston Graden the mood is somber. Because if the assassination of Dr, Martin Luther King, Browns apperance in Boston had been scheduled for mounths, but it nearly diddent happen. Following a long night of riots and fires in the predominanly the mayor kevin White gave sesorious consideration because some feared it would bring viloence to the citys center.
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1. What was the reason in schools concerning the mayor Campegin?


2. In the " Towns" what paved the road to the healing effect after the muder of James Byrd ?


3. In the "towns" of Japer why wasent colored people and white people intergrated in the cyemtry ?


4. Why did the town of jasper Texas split into two intergarted " Towns"


5. What did James Borwns music have on the people of the assissnation


Essential Question

What role dose the leaders play in shapeing the way a community responds to a crisis? and preventing other Crisies ?


- James Brown is a leader because he had a healing effect on the assnation of Dr. Martin Luther King on April, 5, 1968

- Walter Diggles was the community leader in the "two" towns after the killing of James Byrd Walter Diggles chose the penatly of the 3 mean who was drving the truck.


James Brown pays respect to Martin Luther King, Jr. Live at the Boston Garden. April 5, 1968.