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MackinVia (AKA...our gateway to research)

This year we have curated all of our online research tools into one log-in, one-stop shopping for our students. Below is a video that guides students through the log-in process and gives a brief tour of the software's interface.

What does this mean for you as a teacher?

Are you doing an assignment where students need to use peer-reviewed journal sources? Come see me; we can make sure the databases you need are up and connected. Are you doing a project where you want students to only use a certain number of specific sources (including websites and videos)? Come see me; we can create a group for you in MackinVia where all those sources are together in one place. Are you wanting to do a research-based lesson of some sort and just don't know where to start? Come see me; I love all things research!

In other words...come see me! I want to help make your job easier and make our students better purveyors of information. Plus...I get lonely sometimes!


When can students visit the media center?

The media center is open daily from 7:45am - 3:45pm. Students may come in before school and after school. Students are also welcome to visit the media center during class with a pass signed by the teacher. If you are sending students to the media center, please limit that to two at the time. We are asking students to sign-in on an iPad when they enter the media center, so if you ever have any question as to whether a student really came in, we can check that for you. Students may also visit the media center during advisory period, but ONLY if they get a pass before advisory starts. Please do not send students to the media center during advisory unless they come to you with a pass from us first.


If you need something laminated, the easiest thing to do is leave it in the media center under the laminator and Mrs. Lipscomb will take care of it when she gets here and have an aide deliver it to you. We are a little worried the machine might be on its last leg so the fewer times we warm it up each day, the better. If you have any questions about this, send me a quick email!

Computer Troubleshooting

Now that we are in the full swing of things with our new computer carts, I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips from our friendly tech staff. These tips should keep us from running our techs ragged and get our computers up and going again much faster.

Student can't log-in?

1. Make sure the caps lock isn't on; our passwords are case sensitive. If this doesn't work...

2. Restart the computer completely; often the log-in memory is full from other students and needs to be cleared. Restarting the computer does this. Read this for a more tech savvy explanation of this from HIVE Help. If this doesn't work...

3. Enter the log-in information for them. Sometimes, they don't know that they don't know. If this doesn't work...

4. If it says the student is locked out, send them to me. I can unlock them. If I'm not available, call Jennifer Brazil at Technology.

Here is a helpful link to Jonah's article about log-in errors from HIVE Help.

Computers aren't charged?

1. Make sure students are plugging them in at the end of each class.

2. Make sure the power button is turned on for the CART.

3. Submit a work request to HDOT on HIVE Help (sometimes the cords are unplugged in the back of the cart).

Computer isn't connected to the internet (network)?

See the handy infographic below.

FInd more cart tips and tricks here on HIVE Help.

Big image

Magazines in the Media Center

Our subscriptions have been renewed and new titles are coming to the Media Center soon! Check out our titles below!