Impact on Thunderstorms

By: Arlind L, Jackson C and Aaron W.

What causes lightning?

Lightning is an electric current. Within a thundercloud way up in the sky, many small bits of ice (frozen raindrops) bump into each other as they move around in the air. All of those collisions create an electric charge. After a while, the whole cloud fills up with electrical charges. The positive charges or protons form at the top of the cloud and the negative charges or electrons form at the bottom of the cloud. Since opposites attract, that causes a positive charge to build up on the ground beneath the cloud. The grounds electrical charge concentrates around anything that sticks up, such as mountains, people, or single trees. The charge coming up from these points eventually connects with a charge reaching down from the clouds and - zap - lightning strikes!

How it encounters with the novel "Tangerine"

All the times that lightning occurs in the book "Tangerine", the results were never beneficiary for the characters or the environment. (Below)

Results on Thunder storms in "Tangerine"

As seen above, there is a most likely chance that thunderstorms have negative affects, not only in "Tangerine, but the entire world.


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