Sleeping Beauty

Read this fractured tale about a beautiful girl.

Part One

Once upon a time there was a princess called Sleeping Beauty. She was beautiful but she had a mean grandmother . Her grandmother was VERY mean.

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Paragraph 2

One sunny day, Sleeping Beauty was sitting in the fresh air. Her evil grandmother wanted to kill her because her mother was only caring about her daughter.But she did not care about her grandmother.

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Paragraph 3

When she was 13 her evil grandmother said, “Eat this apple and all your dreams will come true.” But Sleeping Beauty said, “NO THANK YOU.” Then she said, “Here you go.” Then Beauty went to bed and said La la la la four times to make her go to sleep .When she got up her mom and dad were asleep she so decided to go up stair. When she got up stairs she found a dark room. She heard a voice saying, “Touch the spinning wheel,” so Sleeping Beauty touched it and she died.

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Paragragh 4

Then there was a prince and he came and found the princes and kissed her and they lived happily ever after.

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