Sumatran Rhinos Need YOU!

By Jordan R.

Why are they Endangered?

Sumatran rhinos are endangered partly because we destroy their forests, and also because we kill them for their horns. Their horns are made from keratin, the same thing our nails are made of, and can be made into medicine. In 1995, only about 700 Sumatran rhinos were left in the world.

Where do They Live?

Sumatran rhinos live in rainforests, swampy areas, and dry forests in Southeast Asia.

What do they look like?

Sumatran rhinos are grey animals with thick, smooth skin and hair on their back. They are smaller than any other rhino. They also have two horns and are 9-10 feet in length.

How can we Save Them?

We can save Sumatran rhinos by having more national parks or nature reserves for them. We should also stop killing them for their horns, because really, what did they do make you want to kill them?

More Interesting Facts

  • Female Sumatran rhinos give birth to one baby rhino once every three years.
  • They used to live all over Southeast Asia.