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2014 Sochi Olympics

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are here, bringing the competition that everyone loves to watch. All athletes are excited not only to win some medals, but also to have the chance to show their talents and represent their countries.

Big thanks to Sochi, Russia, for hosting this year’s winter Olympics!

Also, thank you to all the other countries for joining in the Olympics and having a blast competing in your favorite winter sports.

Let’s not forget that it isn't about winning the gold, but about having fun doing the things you love. Every one of these athletes deserve a gold medal in my book because each and every one of them is a winner for doing what they are passionate about. Still, congratulations to athletes who won medals!

Now, who is a part of the Olympics, you ask? There are many athletes who are a part of the Olympics. Here is a button ready to take you on a tour of the many Olympic athletes. Enjoy your ride!


Snowboarding is a growing sport and it is always easier to go into something knowing about it. Take a look at what TeamUSA says about what you need to know about snowboarding.

Take a look at Tranworld's thoughts on snowboarding

Snowboarding Say What?

Snowboarding. Awesome sport, but tons of words that you have no idea what they mean. Does this sound like you?

Of course! You need to know the difference between carving, hittin', bail, and chatter.

Take a look at these following buttons for a sneak peak at those snowboarding words.

Snow Boarding Gear

Having the right gear is an important part of the great sport of snowboarding. Not only does it help keep the cold out, but it also protects you from bumps and bruises. Also, some gear is required in order for you to go snowboarding.
Snowboard Outerwear

These are the topics covered in this article: materials, characteristics, and insulation

Snowboarding Layers

There are different layers of outer wear you put on when snowboarding. This includes the first layer, second layer, and the finish. All of this is explained in this article.

5 Tips for Buying Snowboard Goggles - Snowboard Gear Tips

Your Choice

Now that you know the basics of gear, you need to know how to choose the gear just for YOU. Rei does that just for you.

Visit Rei and find just how to choose between materials and gear to find the perfect match for you.


Have you ever wondered what kind of tricks you wanted to do while snowboarding, but never really knew what was there? Are maybe you have or want to watch snowboarding, but don't know what tricks they are doing.

ABC of Snowboarding has the answers you have been looking for. They give a detailed explanation of the name of the tricks, what they are, and how to perform them.

Great Mastered Tricks

Watch how easy these tricks looked when these snowboarders do them. Even though they look completely easy, it took them a long time to master them.
Tricks you wish you could do

Presenting the great mastered tricks (some great music too! :P)

Buttering on the Snowboard

Here is a how to on how to butter! I bet you didn't know snowboards could do some buttering! Check out how to butter the snow while snowboarding.

A Walk in the Past

Although he wasn't the only one, Tom Sims, who died at the age of 61, will forever be remember as one of the creators of snowboarding. A champion in his own way, he made one of the first snowboards. He made his own snowboard so he could "skateboard" in the winter as well.

Let's remember him for his gift to those who have his passion for snowboarding.

Olympic Snowboarding When?

Snowboarding is a fairly new sport added into the Olympics. It started becoming popular in the 1980s but it wasn't until the 1990s that it was accepted.

Greg Bretz

Greg Bretz isn't as well known as Shaun White or some of the other names out there, but his name will be known. Having started snowboarding at a young age, Greg Bretz is ready to take on the world and the competition. Could there be a new snowboarding champion?
Greg Bretz Bio

Want to know more about this growing name? Find out about Greg Bretz here.

Father + Son = Best Friends

Although Greg Senior is father to snowboarder Greg Junior Bretz, when it comes down to it, they have a relationship of a pair of best friends. Greg says so himself when he was interviewed for the NY Times.

“He’s one of us,” Bretz, 23, said of his 53-year-old father. “He vicariously lives through me, which keeps him younger. And our relationship, when I turned 18, has gone from a father-son relationship to being best friends.”
Greg Bretz #Mammothstories KEEP CRUISING
Greg Bretz Mammoth Mountain Opening Day November 7, 2013 | Mammoth Unbound Park Lap
Greg's Victory!

Few people have ever beaten Shaun White at the half pipe and that hasn't been done in a while as well. But there is someone who has beaten him quite recently. Greg Brentz dominated over Shaun White at the Dew Tour 2013.

Arise Xchange, Greg Bretz

Sochi Olympic Time

Greg Bretz talks about his second time in the Olympics. More Pressure and more ready than ever to take on the competition.
Sochi Studio - Greg Bretz

Olympic News-Greg Bretz

Although Greg Bretz came in 12th place and no where near the podium for a medal, he is still ready to take on the competition in the next Winter Olympics. He won't let this defeat destroy his passion for Snowboarding.

Homeward Bound

Greg is sad that he didn't get a medal, but he enjoyed his time in Sochi. What's on his mind? Home. A few tweets and he is ready to get home and do what he loves. Snowboard.


Cloud Nine Movie Trailer

A recently made movie, Cloud Nine centers around snowboarding. I myself saw this movie, and although it may seem predictable, it is still fun to watch. I present to you the movie trailer of Disney Channel's Cloud Nine!