Theseus brings down the hammer

Matthew M., Ryan M., And Alexander D.

Who is the God/Goddess? What is the God/Goddess famous for? (What are their symbols?

Theseus is famous for killing the minotaur in an epic battle in the labyrinth. Superman is famous for saving metropolis. His symbol is a big s.

His symbol is the club, because he used it to kill the minotaur.

Ariadne was the goddess wife of Dionysus. She is the Lady of the Labyrinth. Ariadne’s symbol is a swirly labyrinth. He is a mellow and strong man that uses his strength for good.

What qualities? Characteristics? Positives & negatives

Theseus was very determined and strong hearted so he never gave up on his quest to defeat the minotaur. Ariadne was helpful because she gave Theseus the string to guide him through the labyrinth. He is a mellow and strong man that uses his strength for good.

Who did God/Goddess associate with?(Family,friends, enemies)

Theseus met Ariadne at the mouth of the labyrinth and fell instantly in love. Also his dad was King Aegeus, which Theseus loved dearly.She was the daughter of Minos the Greek king and Queen Pasiphae. Theseus was a well-built man with a head of ruffled hair. Ariadne was very tall and bilobed.

Clark Kent who is the alias of Superman is in love with Lois Lane.

Where did they live?

He lived in Athens, Greece. Ariadne lived with Theseus in Athens, Greece.

What obstacles get in the way?

He overcame the minotaur in the labyrinth. He is most famous for killing the minotaur with his club.The god theoi created the minotaur and placed the minotaur in the maze.

How does God/Goddess overcome a challenge?

He overcomes his challenge by killing the minotaur in a epic battle. Ariadne helps Theseus defeat the minotaur and returns home safely.

What are the results of God/Goddess achievements?

His achievements made everyone love him in his town, because he had killed the minotaur which everyone in the town was scared of. Her results are the prestigious honor of marrying a god, therefore making her a goddess.

Where they traveled?

Epidaurus, Cornith, Magara, and Eleusis.

In Depth One on One with Theseus

Reporter: Hi Theseus fancy being back at the labryinth!

Theseus: You are so right!

Reporter: So lets jump right in shall we. Ok. So tell me more about your wonderful victory versus the fearsome minotaur.

Theseus: Well where should I begin? Lets start from where my heroic journey really began. I moved the stone barring my father's sword and sandals. I worked very hard and trained daily to eventually be a tribute to the minotaur. The king hoped and prayed for the victory and he was sadly disappointed. I slayed the minotaur, but I forgot to change the flags so the king killed himself.

Reporter: Oh wow! That’s very interesting. Who was your ally in this quest?

Theseus: Ariadne my love helped me defeat the minotaur.

Reporter: Who was trying to stop you?

Theseus: The minotaur was a fierce beast that was trying to defeat me, but I still became victorious.

Reporter: Did any family members help you succeed?

Theseus: Yes. Very much so. My father buried his sword and sandals under a stone and without those things I wouldn’t have succeeded.

Reporter: Thank you for your time!

Theseus: No problem.

Pictures of Theseus' Life

Theseus and the Minotaur Summary

Theseus goes as a tribute to defeat the minotaur. With help from Ariadne, Theseus defeats the minotaur. The ship sails home with the wrong flag and the king throws himself to the sea and died.