Communication Engineer

By-Jeffiny Mathew

What is communication engineer /what it is the salary

The current salary of the Communication Engineer is about 61,568.It pretty much depends of what kind of Communication Engineer you are.Like a technology engineer.Communication Engineer is like when you make communication stuff like gps or like a phone.

The working conditions inside/outside office/plant/lab

communication engineer works inside because they can yous the tools they have inside like the computer or on the phone and a lab inside.So they can design knew stuff like phones or gyps/travel kit.

Communication Engineer pictures/viedo

The major jobs and responsibilities/Demands for the futer

The jobs and responsibilities are basically making sure if the gps travel kit works or not and if it needs to get fixed a little more.And know for the demand for my future is that to set up the technology.

what kind of education of this type of work.

Well you get to create stuff and you get to learn by doing it and by figuring stuff out that will work for communication engineer