fearless captain hawk

by: gabriela ortiz pd 2

Fearless Captain Hawk

catchphrase: Cuteness is the best thing I got but defeating villains is my major.


captain hawk

Captain Hawk comes from a plant called Sobrora. He was only a young hawk at the time when he moved to earth. He was an ordinary bird.He was just as happy as can be but he didn't know that when he turned 20 he would transform into a different kind of hawk, a rare species.He became a superhero when he realized he had powers! At first he didn't know what was going on with him he would get claws on his feet but when he checked a 2nd time they would be gone. Once he was getting close to 20, he would just keep looking like a hawk. He was worried of what was going to happen. He shut himself from the world. His dad was still in Sobrora. They knew he would contact them any time now. They explained to him why he was the way he is. He didn't want to stay inside his whole life so he wanted to help those who need it.

My hero lives by 3 rules:

1) Save all those who need it no matter what

2) Villains aren't friends

3) Sympathy vs. Empathy


He can fly and he has the ability to manipulate others and he has super hearing.


my song

my song for my hero would be ''I need a hero" by Bonnie Tyler. She says that there needs to be a hero somewhere. He protects everyone from danger. Like Fearless Captain Hawk. She says he's ''gatta be strong and he's gatta fast" that is Captain Hawk.