The Ancient Mesopotamia Times

By Keaton Shott

The Interview

Today we are gonna be interviewing someone from from Ancient Mesopotamia now let’s get started. Hello do you mind if we ask you some questions “sure” ok what is you”re name “my name is Jackson Diez and i'm 31 years old”. What do you do for a living “i am a farmer that has 7 kids a wife”. What skills do you have as a farmer “skills i have as a farmer are being responsible, reliable, organized, and healthy”. What do you do on you’re free time “well i play the flute, i like going to festivals, and i like art”.
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Agricultural Update on The Wheeled Cart

In Mesopotamia there is a new way to carry things around, it’s called the wheeled cart. You can carry anything with it, if you can’t carry something that is why you should have a wheeled cart. If you need a way to get around you could use the wheeled cart.You can use it too carry supplies, food, and animals. They use the wheeled carts to carry things places instead of carrying them.