~~ELECTION OF 1800~~

Thomas Jefferson or John Adams?

Do YOU Support the French or the British?

A President should also support France over Great Britain because without them, we wouldn’t have won the Battle of Saratoga, which was the turning point, and just the Revolutionary War in general and we owe them our trust of them over England. Sure we did trade with Britain but that made the French disappointed and after what they did for us, it’s better to just stop our trade and stay with France. I’m sure they have some nice goods for us too. Trading with them wouldn’t be bad and I’m sure it would keep our nation’s friendship with them strong in case we need them again. Even though the English might be hurt, the French can still back us up if it comes to it again.....

Wealthy or Not?

The type of person who should rule the nation would have to be someone of wealth. He would know what’s right and would be able to control our money better if they were already wealthy because they would be trained and trustworthy. He would know how to rule better and keep everyone in the nation anodyne.....

The Bigger the Better?

Our nation’s president should know that a larger army and navy is better so we wouldn’t need help from other countries and when it comes time to go to war. We would have good defenses to keep the entire nation safe. The bigger the military, the better. We honestly need all the help so expanding it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially with the French on our side.....