Exhibition- Deforestation

by: Jessica Chu

Reflection 1- Before exhibition

After reading the letter last year’s student wrote, the first thing that jumps into my mind about exhibition is- scary, you will fall behind if you forgot to do something, you have to work twice as hard as other students, the letter also said that this is your biggest project in the entire grade six, even bigger than texts. You have to research two pages of informations about your line of inquiry. And you have to do a 10 to 15 minutes presentation to the parents and you have to memorize what you will say in the presentation, it will count a lot…

But then, I started to change my mind about exhibition, we are going to interview someone, do a action like planting trees and picking up garbage( I think it is my favorite part of the exhibition), it sounds really cool and interesting. We will be using i movie, pod cast or pixlemator. I can wait to get started!

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Reflection 2- Learner profile

I learned a lot of things about deforestation in the past two weeks, and I also displayed a lot of Learner Profile attributes, like Thinker and communicator.

I showed that I am a thinker by thinking how am going to do my essay ( How Does Deforestation effect living things). Because the essays has to be connected with the causes that my partner did. So I have to figure out how am I going to write an essay that is interesting and connected with the causes. Finally, I decided to ask my partner what causes is he doing and write a paragraph about each of them ( How does it effect living thing things. For example, in the first paragraph, I explained how burning trees to expand the city effect human ourself).

I also showed that I am a communicator by discussing with my group and decide what are we doing for our action. We have a lot of ideas, like planting a tree, make a artwork, make a flyer and speak at the assembly. It's kind of hard to decide, we first decide to have a vote, but we all have different ideas. I listen to their ideas and tell them what do I think we should do ( art, of course). One of them said that we should do the flyer and hang it over the school, at first, I think it's a really good idea but then, we have another problem- our topic is deforestation and it won't make sense if we are wasting paper to do the flyer, so I tell them what I think about it.

Of course there will be conflicts in a group, we just had a conflict about our name for the exhibition. again, we've got lots of ideas, like Trees Today, Hug the Trees, chopping trees and cutting trees. Me and one of my partner wants to do "Hug the Trees", but the other people don't agree with us. This is when the conflict starts, the partner that thinks "Hug the Trees" is much more better then the other ones tell the teacher that our name for deforestation is "Hug thee Trees". The other teammates said that it was not fair, they didn't even agree it. But then everyone didn't said anything after.

Reflection 3- Reasearch skills

These two weeks, I finished my two page essay for the lines of inquiry. I showed organizing data skills. Because I got a bunch of data about deforestation, so I have to organize them so that people won't get confused while reading my essay. But there are different ways to organize it, like put all the information about effect on animals together and put all the information about effects on humans together. Or organize it with the causes, like I will put the information about effects of burning trees to expand the city together and make a paragraph for each causes.

The most challenging part is to find the information and collecting data, because the informations are keep repeating on the internet so you have to read the whole thing to see if there's new informations that will help. And I think the informations in the books are too general and they talk a lot about different things and only a small paragraph of what you really needed.

Reflection 4- Media component

This week, my group started the media component, we are making a i-movie about how to make paper out of paper with print on it. But we can only do it on one person's laptop and we can't have one person making the video and the other three people watching, so me and Kelvin decided to work on the action- teach the grade fives about deforestation. At the end, we will teach them how to make bookmarks with the paper we made ( cut a shape on the paper we made and stick it on a rectangle colour paper) So me an kelvin cut these rectangles from the colour papers for the bookmarks and did some decoration for the board instead.

Reflection- Oral component

To me, the oral component is the worst part of exhibition. My group os always arguing about the slides when we are making the presentation. I think we actually spend a lot of class time on counting the slides we have, instead, we could practice our presentation more. Also we all have different ideas about how the slide should look like. For example, Kyal got a picture of a tree and he put it at the corner of every slide and he made it really small, but I think that we should make it beggared put it next to the title instead of putting it at the corner so I told him. But he think that we shouldn't make it too big or it will draw your attention away. But I think that if you make it too small, people will think: What is that? A garbage? And they won't focus on the presentation. And finally, we decided to make it not too small and no too big.

Some skills I displayed during the presentation are speaking clearly and maintaining eye contact.

speaking clearly-

I think I was speaking clearly during the presentation because I think that if you are speaking loud and clear, you will be less scared. ( I don't know why, but it works every time)

maintaining eye contact-

I think I did a good job on eye contact, because I already practiced my part for like a hundred times already. So if I can remember it perfectly, why would I look at the cue cards all the time?( Well, sometimes I was nervous so I will look at it a few times even when I don't need it)

Reflection- Primary research

For our primary research, we decided to do a survey to the grade 4, 5, 7 and the grade eights. But we are the deforestation group and we are using papers to do the survey, we don't think that was the best idea, but that's the best idea we could think of. The other problem is that we put football fields instead of soccer fields for thee forth question and it makes a big difference. ( I thought that football and soccer are the same thing). But we don't want to reprint everything because we are the deforestation group an dee are trying to save paper. So we decided to tell them when we are doing the survey.

When we are done all the survey, I was really surprised that the grade fours and five's score was even better then the grade eights in some of the questions and their handwriting are really messy. So I think that They did not take it seriously.

Reflection- mentors

Every day 1, we have a mentor meeting. My mentors are Mrs. Watt and Ms. Shake, they are the kindergarten teachers. At first, I was not really happy about the teachers we got. I went inside the kindergarten classroom and sat down on one of these little chairs around the table with my group. Soon, the two teachers came and stared the discussion. After that, I feel that mentor meeting wasn’t so bad, Ms. Watt knows a lot of things about deforestation and you can’t even find them on the internet, so I add some of them in my essay about the effects of deforestation. Sometimes, they can help us to solve the conflict we had during exhibition and give suggestions to our work. The best thing about the mentor meetings is that we can discuss different interesting things about deforestation. For example, when Kyal is working on the presentation, Ms. Watt looked over it and explained what was happening in the pictures Kyal found-

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At first, we thought that people burned the forest because there are many little scraps on the ground. If you chopped that tree, It won't be that messy. Mrs. Watt told us that these trees are actually cut by the machines. When the machine is "chewing" the trees, little pieces of wood will fell off. Just like little kids eating cakes, little scraps of cake will fell off from their mouth.