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She is 13 years old. She has a nurse who she sees as a friend and in some ways a mother. Her real mother has never been close to her and just tells her what to do. She is a capulet and has become of age to get married and her parents have chosen a man for her in which she does not like.


Juliet family is one of the feuding families. Head of the Capulets he goes to rage and anger if he does not get his way. Capulet loves Juliet his daughter. Lady Capulet is married to capulet and mother of Juliet. Lady Capulet shows no emotion to her daughter and is very distance. Tybalt is the nephew of Lady Capulet. Juliet's nurse is a good and loyal friend. Samson is the serving man of Capulets. Gregory also serves Capulets. Peter is also a server for Capulet but he invites the guest to the feast.
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Interesting Facts

When a girl turns 13 she is at a marriageable age. Juliet has little freedom. She gets all her information from her friend the nurse. Juliet is only daughter of Capulet.
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