Ivan Pavolv

Date of birth and death

  • Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849 at Ryazan
  • Dr. Pavlov died in Leningrad on February 27, 1936.
  • Soviet Union


  • In 1881, Pavlov married Seraphima Vasilievna Karchevskaya, a teacher and had five children: Wirchik, Vladimir, Victor, Vsevolod, and Vera. Wirchik died in childhood.
  • Pavlov’s father was the local priest and worked in the fields with his mother during the day.
  • Ivan Pavlov was not a psychologist and is even to have said that he disliked the field itself.

Notable Informtion

  • Classical Conditioning, behaviorism
  • Research on physiology and digestion.
  • 1904 Nobel Prize in Physiology.
  • Many experiments used on his dogs that lead to his discovery of behaviorism