By: Ryan Link

1. Character Traits

outcast/crazy- He doesn't have friends. He is labeled as crazy because he shot all the puppies and shot at the cops.

alone- His family died when he was younger. He doesn't really have friends in the story besides Jim and Judy.

2. Why do you think Plato shot the puppies?

I think he shot the puppies because he was really crazy. He shot and killed all the puppies for absolutely no reason. Plato seemed to have very violent mood swings during the movie. When he was in the mood swings, it was dangerous for everybody around him because he would usually shoot his gun at people. He kept on struggling with his violent mood swings and it eventually led to his death.

3. Main problems

Plato has got in a lot of trouble during this movie. The trouble he always got in was probably because of his lack of family around. Without his family around, there was nobody to guide him on the right path.

Shooting the puppies probably played a big role in his parents not being there for him. No one really knows why he shot the puppies but it probably has to do with his parents.

4. Did Plato end up learning his lesson?

I don't think Plato learned his lesson in the end because he died. His violent mood swings were eventually the death of him. He first began shooting the puppies and than began to shoot at people which is weird because he shot at people and then he was the one that ended up being shot.

5. Plato's mismatched socks.

The reason for Plato's mismatched socks is because of his messed up family life. It was a little example of what his life cam to since his family is gone so the mismatched socks kind of explain that Plato doesn't really care about anything else anymore.

6. Main Lesson

I think the main lesson of the film was that moving into a new town, disobeying your parents, and trying your hardest to fit in, is not what you want to do in life. The story tries to show you that people go through a lot and all the anger they have built up can come out stronger and if you don't get it taken care of, there will be serious consequences.