Week Ahead

Apr. 4 - Apr. 8, 2016

Welcome to the first full week we've had in awhile. Pace yourselves, it will feel long...for us and for our students. The beginning of April also marks the beginning of the staffing process for next year. I've noted some dates on the week ahead, but feel free to ask Chad or I, if you have any questions. Because of your commitment to our students, the calendar for the next few months is filled with many amazing things that all of you do for our students. Please know that Chad and I appreciate all that you do!
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This Week:

Mon. Apr. 4 Day 3- Chad and Karen interviewing; Mark TIC for morning;

Karen at appointment, p.m.;

grade 7/8 immunizations;

Staffing preference forms handed out

Tues Apr 5- Day 4- Karen interviewing @ Southview

Judy Tetlow in Pete's class;

Swim to Survive for grade 3s;

Lynne Rousseau, Jamie Lopes and Pete here for feedback session, 8:15

Wed Apr 6 Day 5- Young Women Innovators Conference for grade 7 girls;

Hugh away;

Stephanie away, p.m.

Thurs Apr 7 Day 1- Karen away at conference; Pete TIC for the day

Hot lunch

Fri Apr 8 Day 2- Karen at conference;

Chad away;

Soap orders due;

Pete at Robotics CI @ EPS, p.m.;

Coming Up:

Apr. 11- Tia away, a.m.

Owen's IPRC, 3:30

Apr. 12- Swim to Survive;

No Right to Read today

Apr. 13- Compass Training;

Pete and Stephanie away;

Chad and Karen meeting re: Noah; 12:00

IPRC- Karen and Pete, 3:30

Apr. 14- No Right to Read this week

Week of April 18- Staffing committee meets;

Pitch-In Canada Week

Apr. 18- Kindergarten CI, @ EPS, p.m.

Catherine Greene here for testing;

Apr. 19-Catherine Greene here for testing;

Last night for Right to Read;

Stephanie at PD, p.m.

Apr. 21- Last day for Right to Read

Apr 22- Earth Day;

Apr. 25- Stephanie at PD all day

Apr. 26- Staffing forms due to Board