Its Landed!!

An Alien spacecraft has landed in Yea!

Alien's @ Sacred Heart, Yea

It's finally happened! An alien spacecraft has landed in Yea.

The foreign spacecraft was seen circling Sacred Heart Primary School when all of a sudden, it landed with an enormous THUD on the weedy school oval.

Mrs Wissell immediately announced that all children quickly go inside. She came running from her office to keep the children safe and...WOOSH, Mrs Wissell was beamed up into the spacecraft's gaping mouth.

Where is Mrs Wissell?

As you are reading this, the children at Sacred Heart are planning to rescue their favourite principal, Mrs Wissell. What possible plan could be successful? How will they execute the plan? Do they have anyone to help them? Where is MRS WISSELL?


If you have ANY information that will help us find our fearless leader, Mrs Wissell, please call us.