Runners R Us!!

Term 1 2016 ECA

Let's Get Physical!

Do you sometimes wish your child would get off that iPad and do something more physical?

Well now they can! Our Extra-Curricular Activity this term aims to inspire IIS students to be active and stay healthy, by learning new individual and group sports. With events such as group relays, track and field our ECA leaders will challenge your child's inner athlete whether they are considered to be the 'sporty' type or not.

During the term, children will learn about the importance of an athlete's preparation, from the time they go to bed to what they eat during the day, and why we should always warm-up before sport and cool down afterwards.

So put down the iPad and come join us! :)

Fitness Fun on a Wednesday

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 2pm to Wednesday, March 23rd, 2pm

41 Sunset Way

Who: Enrichment - Grade 6

Cost: $200 (8 sessions)

Minimum: 6 students

Maximum: 12 students

What to wear?

· Track shoes/cross trainers

· Water Bottle

· Towel

· Sunscreen

· Hat

· Loose dry-fit or cotton shorts/track pants and t-shirt