Quanisha Thomason-Mrs.Wylies Class

Arms Race

This political cartoon shows 2 man running with weapons between the US and the USSR (RUSSIA)


The Arms Race deals with the United States and the Soviet Union continuously buying a lot of nuclear weapons to try to out buy the other "team"

Why so dangerous??

people were dying and had to fight for their life, the nuclear bombs and weapons could've hit anyone,people feared what would happen is the war broke out around the world

Cuban Missile Crisis

in this political cartoon cuba is ready to send missiles over to destroy US soil


The Cuban Missile Crisis deals with the soviet union installed nuclear missiles in Cuba. the United States refused to let the missiles be launched then after a few days Cuba agreed to remove them

Why so dangerous??

Anyone could've been the target, the US put Cuba under "quarantine" (isolated) that No weapons were allowed to enter Cuba thats dangerous because if they were not "isolated" then a huge war would've been in effect

Berlin Wall

this political cartoon shows two guards talking about how many people they have shot off the wall that was trying to get over


after WWII the wall was built to divide Germany into two separate countries. East Germany became Communist and under the order of the soviet union. The west was democratic and allied by France, Britain, and the United States

why so dangerous??

this is danger because people tried to walk across the street like they did yesterday and they walk into a wall and hurt themselves, people who did try to get over the wall either fell to their death or got shot to death.

Berlin Airlift

this political cartoon shows the "birds" coming over berlin and dropping goods


Germany was divided by allies into 4 zones, the zones were ran by Great Britain, United States, France and the Soviet Union, they each controlled a zone. the Soviet Union then split their zone into 4's

Why so dangerous??

The soviet union made a blockade so no one could get the resources they needed with them dividing it caused tension between. it also started a blockade and the people behind the blockade started to become hungary. they had only 36 days worth of food saved up and no coal for energy

Soviet Satellites

shows a satellite in space


the first people in space was the soviets. Sputnik was their satellite

why so dangerous??

satellites were used to spy on people they can use satellites to see people and what they do. that can be dangerous because its invading on a lot of people