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In 2007, The website Tumblr was created by David Karp and Marco Arment. The idea came to them while they were looking at different blog websites. On almost all websites you have to up load a long paragraph of text. David and Marco felt the need to improve the lives of others. THe also felt as if the internet was missing something. They wanted to fill in that gap. In the first two weeks after launching the website already had 75,000 signed up users.


After 6 years the website progressed in so many ways. There were so many users it began to be difficult for David to keep Tumblr running. Yahoo now owns the blogging website Tumblr. David is CEO and Marco is the CTO of the company and they can be as long as they want to. Unlike the beginning where there were only two workers,there are now over 200 employees. In the beginning you could only go onto Tumblr on personal computers. Now, its available on smart phones, computers, and on tablets. Between 2007 ans 2013 the website has gained over 100 million users. The website is still growing and changing.


If someone was trying to blog back in 2007 it would have to be a certain length. On Tumblr you can post, write, quote anything.it can be as short or as long as you want. The website helps musicians, poets, and painters who post picture of their art, people that post videos of them or their band singing, and people who write poetry gain fans. Tumblr effects most peoples lives for the better.

David Karp

David dropped out of high school but still happens to be very intelligent. When he was 14 he got his very first internship. He even spent time in Japan working for a company called Urban Baby. His co workers were shocked when they discovered he was just 17. Long after he moved there and the company got sold in 2006 to a bigger company. He used the money he earned from Urban Baby to start a company called Davidville. It took of in its first year. He was embarrassed of his age because he thought his client wouldn't take him serious.
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David Karp (top picture) and Marco Arment (bottom picture)

Most Popular Tumblr Blogs

There were many popular blogs in 2014. One of them was a a blog by Will Burns. His page is called "Colorful Gradients" on his blog he generates 48 different colors a day.

Another popular blog is the Museum of Selfies where Olivia Muss puts a phone in front of classic pieces of art so it looks like the figure is taking a picture of itself.

In 2013 the most popular blog that year with the most followers was mcupdate.tumblr.com. On this blog there were 1.9 monthly users. The blog was dedicated to the news about MInecraft.

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