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Crash summery

In the beginning,crash was not friends with Penn because he just moved into the development.So Crash decides to make fun of Penn Web with Mike.Crash also likes a girl and she doesn't like him.Then Penn Web decides to try out for the cheer leading squad.Crash and mike just thinks that is not smart.Then Penn Web gets on the cheer squad.

Next,Crash and Penn Web became friends kinda,but crash and mike were best friends still.After that Mike wanted to prank Penn with a turtle,and that set crash off.So Crash went and got the turtle.That is where Crash and Mike stopped being friends.Crash was really mad at Mike.

In the end,Crash let Penn Web win the race.Crash and Penn get along great,because Crash was being nice to Penn Web.So then they hung out with each other and played with each other.

The End



In the book Crash,Crash is beginning mean to Penn Web.According to the text Crash is being mean to Penn Web,because of his big button on his shirt.Crash shot the button with a water gun.That is what made Penn Web sad.I don't think that bulling is necessary.I don't think it is necessary,because it is just plain rude and mean.That is my evidence and why I don't think bulling is necessary.

Advice Column

Dear Morgan,people that I want to be friends with don't want to be friends with me.what should i do???Love,Penn Web.
Dear,Penn Web you should keep trying but with other people.If you don't want to do that find a small group of people you know but not to well and try to be friends with them.You cam play games,have sleep over,or you can make up a game to play with your friends.Love,Morgan.

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Crash by Jerry Spinelli Book Trailer

😜Morgan Salus😜

I loved the book so much.My favorite part is when Crash and Penn Web become friends.It is nice to see enimeys become friends.My least favorite part of the story is when there is bulling.I can't stand bulling to is just so rude.I think I could read it over and over 100 times maybe.If I were you I would read the book.