Jones Family Celebration

Graduations and Birthdays!!!

Javelo's graduating! Tia's getting old(er)! Ali's becoming a big boy! (...and AJ's awesome, too!)

We've got much to celebrate as a family and there's no one else we'd rather celebrate this special time with than you!

Two birthdays and a graduation! It's a great day to party with the Joneses!

Jones Family Celebration

Sunday, May 17th, 3-6pm

801 Passive Dr

Cedar Hill, TX

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Party Fun

3:00 Guest Arrival

3:00-4:00 Gathering and Refreshments

4:15-4:30 Acknowledgements

4:30 CAKE!!!

5:00 Last Call

6:00 Y'all ain't gotta go home but...we have to get ready for work and school :-)


Contact Tia by text at 214-727-3004 or Javelo at 214-808-3746 to let us know you're planning to celebrate with us!


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