I can visualize and use imagery to understand poetry.

Look at this picture. What do you see? What do you hear? What can you feel? What do you smell?

Write about it.

I see_______. I hear _______. I feel ________. I smell ________.

Follow these links to listen to and read poems.

How is poetry written differently than a story or informational text?

  • Poems are written using lines not sentences.
  • Poems have stanzas not paragraphs.
  • Some poems rhyme and have rhythm. These features give poems a beat.
  • Poems have a speaker. The speaker may be the author, but sometimes it is a character.
  • Poems don't always follow the rules for punctuation and capitalization.

Use your senses to describe winter.

Write a Five Senses poem about winter. Use this pattern.

Winter is . . . (Describe how it looks.)
Winter smells like. . . (Describe how it smells.)
Winter sounds like . . . (Describe the sounds you hear.)
Winter tastes like . . .(Describe how it tastes.)
Winter feels. . . (Describe how and what you feel in winter.)