Bearcat Weekly

Feb 6-10, 2017

Bearcat Praises

Thanks so much to everyone for making this a fantastic week at PPIS!

Thanks to Mrs. Lovick for making sure our benchmark testing ran as smooth as could be! I told her it's very similar to a wedding in that you take all this time to plan and then once it's over you just have to sit there and take a deep breath because it's over. She did a great job and I appreciate all her help!

Thank you Mrs. Woodard for all your hard work trying to sell jerky to help our 5th graders pay for camp! She has literally done just about everything she can to help them sell :) Which by the way we have a box in the office and they are $2 each!

Benchmark Scores are Up!

I am so excited after looking at our results from our benchmark this past week. Both 5th grade math and reading are looking good and our 4th grade writing is as well. In fact, if that had been the actual test we would have seen gains in all areas already! So outstanding job Ms. Mills, Mrs. Woodard, Ms. Walker, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Hammons!! Also, to our ESL and SPED support staff for working so hard with their students. We do have some work to do but are definitely moving in the right direction!
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1st PPIS Honor Council inductees

Congratulations to our inaugural class of the PPIS Honor Council! This is going to be such a positive group for our kids and as the years go by we are going to see more and more kids taking advantage of this opportunity. I am so excited that Ms. Nisbett and started this and thank her for all her hard work putting it together.

5th Grade: Emma Anderson, Jennifer Hernandez, Drew Juarez, Paige Kochanski, Rowdy Robinson

6th Grade: Eli Brown, Ava Dennis, Naomi Gastineau, Ivy Hellman, Ronnie Johnson, Kylie Malone, Cale Martin, Andrea Martinez, Jorge Nunez, Maddye Pope, Gracie Sanders, Lizzy Slater, Tanner Stephens, Caroline Vincent

Mark your Calendars for Feb 9 at 6pm! Bring the kids for a fun night of painting. Snacks and Drinks will be provided!

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PPIS Field Trip, Feb 7 and 8

Don't forget about our PPIS Field Trip next week :) I have no doubt that it will be a fun experience for our kids!
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Site Visit to Bells Elementary School Next Week

Next Week, we will be taking a team of teachers to visit Bells Elementary school. Last year, they were one of the few campuses in Texas to receive 6 stars and have showed progress year after year. I have no doubt this will be a great experience for us and am thankful they are taking the time to partner with us.

Thank you so much for all you do and have a great weekend!

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