Mixed Economy

It's the best!

Intro to Mixed Economies

This economy is amazing! It's the perfect blend of a stable and controlled economy, with good enough freedom that you can do what you want. You are not just handed an amount of money good enough for you to get by, you are given the opportunity to go and make big bucks!

The Facts

There is usually one president in charge that leads a good, substantial government. You go out and get whatever job you could think of and you get paid exactly what you earn! There are tons of markets and stores to buy goods from. Like I said, The perfect blend of control and freedom!
Economics & Government : What Is a Mixed Economy?


Now you might say, "This kind of economy has the highest chance of me being broke or homeless". But there is also the highest chance of you getting super rich! All you have to is put forth the most effort you ever have in your life!


If you aren't sold yet... well figure it out! Figure out that mixed economy is the best! The best opportunities. The sense of safety and the chance to be yourself. Get it Fixed, Make it Mixed!