Is Canada the greatest country?

If so why?

Pros and Cons.

Pros of living in Canada, Canada is well known for their free health care, great education, and war and poverty free country. Around 250,000 people immigrate to Canada a year because of the amazing pros, such as free health care, free education, war free, property free, multicultural economy, but Canada has there cons, like how they're getting oil from tar sand which is causing a lot of pollution and dirtying up the air. Canada also has a bad record for declining immigration for no reasons, due to religious differences, and possible racism. Canada is also building things such as houses, malls, stores ect, on the only good land for farming in all of Canada, but besides those problems Canada is an amazing country filled with an amazing generous economy, and provides an amazing future for those who want to live a better live in a safer environment. So yes I would say Canada is the greatest country to live in.