Welcome, Class of 2025!

Freshman Academy, 2021-2022

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6 more weeks! We are almost there!

Make sure you are passing all of your classes.

Need summer school to make up a D or F grade? Contact your counselor, Mr. Stewart!

Finals: 6/10, 6/13, 6/14. All minimum days!

Finish the Semester STRONG!

ADULTS: Is your student struggling in a class?

1. Contact the teacher via email.

2. Check your student's grades on PowerSchool weekly.

3. Encourage your student to go to tutoring and get help from his or her teacher.

4. Talk with Mr. Stewart, the 9th grade grade counselor. nstewart2@sandi.net.

We are here to support you! Get ON TRACK. STAY ON TRACK.



CHHS Real Connections Welcomes YOU! Click here.

Your mental health is important to us! The past few years have been so tough and the world is still going through changes. CHHS and SAY San Diego partner to bring you groups like ELEVATED on campus and opportunities to get involved with your community to better yourself and others! Here are a few items for this week:

1. See above (Teen of Impact), community service opportunity for CHHS students!

2. In December, video production students learned about how alcohol and other drugs affect their lives. With this information, each student in the class developed their own 60 second substance abuse prevention film (in the form of a public service announcement). A handful of student videos were selected to be featured in Club ELEVATED’s upcoming virtual PSA showcase event (see photo).



Click here! Get to tutoring when you feel you need more learning, OR when your grades fall below Cs. YES. YOU. CAN.


Your FAB (Freshman Advisory Board) has some strategies for success to share in this video!


Our Attendance Clerk is Sandy Westwood. Email her at swestwood@sandi.net.

What is an "Academy"?

The 9th grade Academy was formed in order to help incoming 9th graders have a smooth transition to high school. Our program, "On Track," will ensure that you earn and maintain the grades you need to stay On Track to graduate from CHHS in four years. We will also help you find your sense of belonging and purpose here as well as acquire or develop the necessary academic and social emotional skills to succeed in high school. Your teachers will work together to support you and when you are needing extra help or a boost of motivation! We will also award and recognize the great work you do as you move throughout your 9th grade year of high school! Get on track. Stay on track! Go Rattlers!

FRESHMAN ACADEMY HANDBOOK. Here's the electronic version of it!


  • Welcome rally in the first few weeks of school!
  • Learn about and create a 4-year plan to guide your high school journey!
  • Begin your journey in one of our many career-themed academy programs with a cohort of students with similar interests!
  • Recognition program for staying ON TRACK! (Think: Food, CHHS Swag, Prizes)
  • Teams of teachers working together to support you.
  • Upperclassmen support--these students gave up a week in their summer to learn how to support you!
  • After school tutoring! "Scholar hour."
  • You get your own Vice Principal!
  • You get your own Counselor!
  • You get your own Dean of Students!
  • PASS (Plan for Achieving Students Success) Meetings to help get you back on track.
  • Classrooms in the new building (after 10/1)! (It's amazing and brand new and it's almost ready for you.)


Video tour of the new 1000 building put together by the FAB (Freshman Advisory Board)! (Most of the 9th grade classes are held in this awesome BRAND NEW building!

How can I find out about all things Canyon Hills High School??

Please visit our main webpage at: http://www.serrasandiegounified.org.

For Athletics information, visit: http://www.chrrattlers.org

(You will also find a link back to this page on our main website.)

Class of 2025 Vice Principal, Counselor, and Dean of Students

You have a great team this year who can't wait to welcome you!

Ms. Elizabeth Ward is your Vice Principal. Contact her at eward@sandi.net.

Mr. Nick Stewart is your Counselor. Contact him at nstewart2@sandi.net.

Mr. Joe Schmidt is your Dean Of Students. He can be reached at jschmidt2@sandi.net.

9th grade Academy Teachers

Your teachers will work together to make your 9th grade year a great one and keep you ON TRACK!

English: Kate Amos, Rachel Brandel, Brittany Parrish, Devon Bakaly, Helene Manning

Biology: Shannon Templeton, James Ross, Joe Galm, Madelyn Galm

Math: Kendra Gardner, Erin Sullivan, Victoria Rodriguez

Foreign Language (Spanish or ASL): Theresa Garnier, Sally Holbrook, Jon Cofinas, Gonzalo Ruiz

PE: Samantha Ferrari

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Other CHHS people to know...

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can parents visit the campus? Not on campus at this time due to COVID regulations. Parents may attend athletic events fully masked.

2. What time does school end? 330 every day.

3. What if I need to pick my son or daughter up early? Contact Sandy Westwood (above).

4. Are masks required outdoors? NOT anymore...they are optional.

5. I need to arrange a parent meeting with my student's teachers. Who do I contact? Contact the teacher first, and then Nick Stewart, Class of 2025 Counselor.

6. Do teachers accept late work? Great question! Check out our Schoolwide Grading Policy--all CHHS Staff follows this.

How do I contact my FRESHMAN's teacher?

  • Every teacher has an email that he/she checks frequently. Feel free to email the teacher with questions or concerns. The teacher will respond within 24-48 hours.
  • Access the CHHS Staff Directory here.
  • Many teachers also utilize other ways to communicate with parents through classroom Google Classroom Canvas, and/or Remind. Your student's teacher will let you know the best way to communicate with them so that you get a timely response.
  • If you have tried again and again with no response, feel free to contact Ms. Ward at eward@sandi.net. (Vice Principal for the Class of 2025)

How Much Does School Breakfast and Lunch Cost?

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