Canyon Hills HS, Class of 2026!

Freshman Academy, 2022-2023

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2023! Finish the semester strong! The semester ends on January 20th! These grades will go on your permanent transcript!


It's come to our attention that several social media accounts have been created to spread gossip and harass CHHS students. Online bullying or "cyberbullying" is not only cruel but is strictly prohibited at Canyon Hills. Everyone who has access to social media needs to know the following before you post or create an account. Parents need to know as well. The ones we are dealing with now are predominantly 9th graders.

We, as a school, can only monitor the accounts when reports arise and we can’t do all; there are too many. Many times the posting is anonymous, and we have no way to track the owners or the creators down.

However, many of the students have dummy accounts—accounts parents don’t know about, and they use those accounts to post and like things. It usually has a picture of the person so we can identify them.

If you are hosting an account that is being used to target and bully CHHS students, you need to delete that account immediately. If you are posting on these accounts, those posts must stop immediately. Students participating in online or cyberbullying will be held accountable for their behavior.

Every student at Canyon Hills has the right to an education free of harassment, humiliation, and intimidation. As adults on this campus, our job is to protect those rights. If you or anyone you know has information that can help us find out who is hosting these accounts, please let a trusted adult know ASAP. If you are a parent and your child comes to you about who is posting these sites and are the owners of them please feel free to report it directly to us for follow-up.

Thank you,

CHHS Admin

Help your student stay on track!

PARENTS/GUARDIANS--Are you checking Power School with your student at least once a week?! Are you helping your student craft emails to teachers when they need help or is missing work or has questions?

PARENTS/GUARDIANS--We need your help! Please ask your student what they are doing in school. Did you know? If a student earns 2Fs in a class, they have a 50% higher chance of NOT graduating high school.

We can't do it without you! Let's do this, Class of 2026!

Check out the Canyon Hills Online Newspaper! Written by Students, for Students!



Reminder: The semester ends on January 20th! Make sure you have earned As, Bs, and Cs.


At Canyon Hills, cell phones are NOT allowed to be out in classrooms during instruction. Please have a conversation with your student so they understand this expectation. Additionally, please do not try to call or contact your student during school times. Lunch is fine and takes place daily from 11:53-12:23PM. If you need to contact your student during instructional time, please contact the main school line at 619-605-8100 and we will help you. Thank you!

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Grading periods!

First progress report (check PowerSchool): 10/7/2022

Second progress report (check PowerSchool): 11/18/2022

Semester 1 final grade (goes on final transcript that colleges see): 1/20/2022

Student Planner!

Your teachers will require that you keep your work and important due dates written in your planner. They will check often. Students who keep their planner up to date will have the chance to earn rewards! This is an important life skill we are trying to teach you--staying organized, being places on time and on the correct date, handing in projects and assignments. Let's do this!
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How can I find out about all things Canyon Hills High School??

  1. Please visit our main webpage.
  2. Please subscribe to the Principal's Blog.
  3. For Athletics information, visit:

(You will also find a link back to this page on our main website under ACADEMICS.)

CHHS people to know...

Class of 2026 Freshmen Parents!

Canyon Hills Foundation is looking for more underclassmen parent representatives. Please consider joining the Foundation on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Canyon Hills Foundation is an independent non-profit parent group created to help raise funds to support student programs at Canyon Hills High School. Any questions please contact Kristina Hepburn