Roman society and economy

Rebeca herrero García

Family life

Wealthy families had slaves and free servants.The father , or pater familias, was head of the family.Women had no had political rights. They married very young. Many women also worked.Only the children of wealthy families received an education. Girls were trained by their mothers tob perform domestic duties. Boys received more training under their father's supervision.

Food and clothing

The main meal was the cenae, or evening meal.The clothing for wealthy men consisted of a tunic, wich was covered with a toga. For wealthy women the tunic was covered with a stola.The clothing of the poor and slaves was simple and modest.

The economy

Rome had a slave economy. Slaves were used in:

Agriculturewas the main economic activity. Roman's grew many types of produce and in some regionsare specialiced in one.

Craftworkwas carried out in workshops.

Mines belonged to the state. They usedslave labour.

Trade was helped by the stability of the Empire and an excellent road system.