The Big Bang or the Holy Bible

Which one is true and which one is a myth?

The Big Bang

Many Sciientists think that the Universe was born in a colossal explosion called the Big Bang. Just mintues later not even just seconds later the Universe was created. Two particles matter and Engery came together and created

The Holy Bible

Some Chirstians say that they go to church and that they believe in God but when the argument about the Big Bang and God creating the world some non chirstians may say well there is no evidence that God didn't come to Earth and thatand he made the Earth, but then where is the evidence at that the Big Bang happened?

What I Believe

I believe that God did create the Universe because once again the information on the big bang is every where and they act like they don't even know what they are talking about. I understand that if you were going to look up about the chirchtian side that they would give you verses from the Bible but that is how use chirstians learn.