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Week of December 7, 2015

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Madison Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

This week, we will begin our midyear reviews; a time to take stock of our successes and identify opportunities for improvement. We have made some strides in the areas of PLCs and improving literacy instruction with a focus on critical thinking. We will continue to strengthen our data systems and learn more about the social emotional needs presented by our students each day. As always, we must improve the instruction in our classrooms as we insist upon rigorous, aligned instruction and engaging lesson activities.

In the remaining days of this semester, ensure that teachers are clear about the guaranteed and viable curriculum that will be implemented beginning January 6. Take time this week to study the 4th six weeks common assessment and create your campus curriculum calendars. I will ask that the curriculum calendars for the assessed areas be available for review when we visit schools the week of January 4, 2016.

Some of our schools will be testing this week for ACPs or EOC retests (high schools). Please make sure that your testing environment sets students up for success. Challenge your teachers to actively monitor and to have high expectations for student behavior during testing. Our teachers work hard each day, and the testing environment should positively impact student achievement; reflecting the work of our teachers. As the instructional leader, you set the tone. Lead the conversations and establish the vision for success.

Mentor Texts & Rubrics

Please take advantage of the training material provided by our AF during Friday's feeder meeting. When she visits this week, make sure that she reviews this with your ICs. Also, make sure that your teachers are clear on how to effectively use mentor text to improve student writing.

Ensure that students are constantly referring to the rubric during the writer's workshop. The rubric should be displayed in your classrooms and provided in each student's portfolio.

Kudos go out to Ms. Worthington at Lincoln who used the released student writings from previous STAAR assessments as mentor texts during a gallery walk in her classroom. Students had to evaluate and score the essays and give feedback to support or justify their scores.

PLCs of the Week- Roberts and Dunbar

The teachers at Roberts meet on a 3-week cycle that includes 1) studying the standard 2) seeing model lessons of the standard taught and 3) reviewing data on an assessment of the standard. This week, we could see evidence of progress monitoring by SEs and the work necessary to improve student achievement by SE.

The data wall has been updated to show the progress of each student, and a quick glimpse of the board depicts who the students are based on demographics, special programs and previous data points.

At Dunbar, Dionel meets with his teachers in small groups by content to review the data, how it was taught and what changes need to be made to impact student achievement. The data wall shows individual student, teacher level and grade level data. There is a separate room and data wall for isip data where students are monitored based on their reading levels each month.

These principals are working hard to improve the quality of instruction, student achievement and climate/culture. I believe that they will meet standard along with the entire feeder and that there will be an increase in distinctions. I urge you to believe with me.

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Stop by the Tiger Den this Sunday

The culinary students at Lincoln will open to the community once again on this coming Sunday, December 13, 2015 from 1:30-4:00 p.m. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by for a wonderful Sunday dinner.

I would also like to thank Chefs Gains and Drake for setting an extraordinary environment beginning with the phenomenal breakfast and omelet station and ending with the exquisite short ribs during Friday's Feeder meeting. The students seemed genuinely excited to discuss and serve their dishes. Job well done!

Madison Students Attend State of the City Address

Several Madison High School students had an opportunity to hear Mayor Mike Rawlins address city stakeholders during the State of the City Address on December 1, 2015. Check out the story at the link below:

Attendance for Credit

It is time for the Attendance for Credit binder checks. Please have the binders available for review when I visit this week. Ensure that your most recent attendance report is in the binder and that students recovering credit are properly documented.

Leadership Focus and Updates

We only have a few days remaining to finish the 1st semester spots. Let's get this done at 100%. This week, we will all be completing spots and reviewing data from DOLs.


- Please remember to reach out to either Dionel, Chanel, Gayle or Latoya to support you during the recruitment event on December 14.

-Review the 4th 6 weeks common assessments this week during PLCs

-Principals should provide written feedback to teachers within 48 hours of the spot observation.

-Please note that non-renewals will be somewhat earlier this year due to the Board calendar. If you have teachers who are struggling, ensure that you are making every effort to support their progress.

--Signs will be delivered to each school regarding the concealed and open carry hand gun law that was recently passed. More information to come.

On the Horizon

..Dec. 1- Window opens for K-12 written composition ACPs

..Dec. 4- Deadline for campus-based spelling bees (elementary only)

.Dec. 7- STAAR/EOC testing (High School Retesters)

.Dec. 7- SRI MOY 9-12th graders

.Dec. 8- Accountability Training for Lincoln/Madison principals 1:30-4:00 @ Buckner

.Dec. 9- Principal of the Year Reception @ Dallas Market Center

.Dec. 9- Schoolnet Training @ MLK (Rice and MLK to attend)1:00-2:30

.Dec. 11- Christmas Celebration Lincoln/Madison- (contact Gayle for tickets)

. Dec. 14- Begin ACPs

. Dec. 14- Recruitment Event

.Dec. 15- Submit SLO Goal accomplishment for semester courses only (high schools)

.Dec. 16- K-2 Literacy Cadre @ Rhoads 3:45-5:15

.Dec. 18- Christmas Holiday

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