Behind The News - Episode 27

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata - A Rare Hair Condition

Alopecia areata is a rare condition that can affect both girls and boys at any age. It is not contagious but it is a scary experience. Scientists believe that alopecia is caused by brain signals sent to hair follicles that tell them to fall out. It can affect your body and scalp.

Two girls, named Hannah and Rebecca have alopecia and have told the media that they have taken tablets for 7 weeks and have placed foam on their head, which they still have done to this day.

Lots of people who have alopecia prefer to wear wigs. No, these aren't the cheap store-bought wigs but are custom-made wigs that are ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 in value. Since they are hand-made, they usually take 8-10 weeks to perfect. Also unlike cheap wigs, these wigs are made of REAL human hair! It is cut off and donated via postage. To make a wig, hairdressers:

1) Check how much hair is left on their head.

2) Mark the hairline were the wig would fit.

3) The mould is made and hair is attached.

Although it seems incurable, in many cases their hair grows back. From what I know, alopecia is sometimes caused by genes or strain on your hair, so either way, make sure you take great care of your hair!