11 Birthdays

Book Written by Wendy Mass

Do you like books with adventure and a touch of magic? If you answered yes to both of these questions then I have the perfect book for you. It is called 11 Birthdays. Amanda and Leo were born on the same day in the same little yet magical town called Willow Falls. The both of them were both really great friends. On their 10th birthday a small conflict arises and they refuse to talk to each other for a long time. When their 11th birthday rolls around they get a huge surprise. Maybe a small fight shouldn't get in the way of friends after all. This book is not a depressing or a funny book but rather it's a magical book that can change the way you see life as it is. That is why I loved it. It made me think about life from a different perspective. That is also why this is such a great book to read is because it makes you reflect on life and the moral of the story a great lesson for everyone to know and learn. If you also like books that the characters learn something you could learn as well then this book would also be a great one because there is more than just one theme to this story there are several.

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