Learning Focus

February 2021 | Focus: Writing

Writing: The Essential Skill

Writing is more than an essential job skill, it is an essential life skill. The connection between writing skills and success both in and outside of school is deeply rooted in educational research. Writing helps with the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Writing can help children express their thinking, find their voice in the world, and work through real-life problems. By requiring young authors to consider audience and purpose, writing helps children connect to the world around them, both on and off the page. This month's Learning Focus looks to provide tips on how to encourage and support writing at home.

Why is Writing Important?

  • Writing makes our thinking and learning visible and permanent.
  • Writing equips us with communication and thinking skills.
  • Writing is critical to becoming a good reader.
  • Writing preserves our ideas and memories.
  • Writing allows us to understand our lives.
  • Writing expresses who we are as people.
  • Writing allows us to entertain others.
  • Writing is an essential job skill.

Sir Scribble's Story Mountain Adventure - A Visual Guide to Writing a Story

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