PSA: Genetically Modified Food

As a Farmer, thats not cool!


Mendell paved a way for scientists by discovering how plants passed their traits, generation to generation. Botanists used his discovery to breed plants with desired traits.

Genetically Modified Food: Good or Bad?

Benefits and Risks

A benefit would be that it helps people who live in areas with poor growing conditions, and end world hunger.

A risk would be that a gene might mistakenly be taken from a plant to which people are allergic, and trying to keep it from contaminating the non GM food supply.


Government agencies have made a regulation for toxicity because of consumer acceptance, making it's success crucial. They do it by not evaluating crops on how they are made, but on their effects on te body.

My Opinion

Me as a farmer, will not use genetic modification to my crops. Due to multiple experiments, there has been cancerous things linked to the foods. I would not like to toxicate the citizens. Our ancestors did not use this, and there was not much problem. There is more risks then benefits, making me geer away from the idea of using genetically modified foods.