Message From Mr. A,

Please check with your child's teacher to see if their class will be having a Thanksgiving celebration next Friday, November 17th. Afterwards, students may be checked out early without penalty. Your child's teacher will have more details specific to their plans.

A friendly reminder that next Friday, November 17th is also Birthday Friday as well as $1 jean day. Any baked goods brought to share must be store bought due to allergies. Students can wear blue jeans for $1. Jeans must be worn at the natural waist, should only be blue denim (no printed logos or emblems on jeans), no torn jeans or jeans with holes.

Nurse's Station

For flu vaccination locations access it will assist in providing a list for the zip code you enter. Also, our donations are running low please help us. Below is a list of items needed. Thank you for helping keep your child well, healthy and happy!

Kinder & 1st: Boy/girls underclothes and socks of all sizes

2nd: Disinfecting wipes/spray

3rd: Band-aids/baby wipes

4th & 5th: Pre-packaged snacks (cheese crackers, fruit snacks, etc.)

Nurse Freeney

Picture Retakes

Get a second chance at a picture-perfect image!

When: Thursday, November 16th

Where: Youth Room

Time: 8:00 a.m.

Picture Day ID: LD947369Q1


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Upcoming Events

November 16th - Picture Retakes

November 17th - Birthday Friday/$1 jean day

November 20th - 24th - Thanksgiving Break