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Week of September 12th, 2016

Getting to know each other...

Hello parents,

Week one of school is behind us, and what a busy, fun-filled week it has been!

Our focus in these early days is on getting to know each other and the new school environment. So far, we've visited the building from the nurse's office to the cafeteria kitchen, and met many of the people who keep things ticking along here at 153 Pierrepont.

Lunch is always an important piece for the children this first week, and they are settling nicely into the cafeteria routine. Most of the specialty classes have also begun, and the children love them. Math challenges with Paul will take place on Mondays, and poetry with Marty starts on Tuesday.

Back in the classroom we have played many name games to get to know each other. There have also been activities that encourage the children to ask each other questions - do they have siblings or pets? Which borough do they live in? Do they play sports or an instrument? Do they speak another language? We now know much more about each other than we did last Monday.

The children are also learning the routines that help the classroom run smoothly, and little by little, they are finding their way around the many available materials.

Most of all though, we have made plenty of time and space for play, the best way to make friends!

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We begin our curriculum by introducing ourselves. We are, after all, integral members of our classroom, and of our families. One way to do this is to make a self-portrait.

So we looked at Grant Wood's American Gothic. We noticed clues about the people in the painting in their clothing, the things they are holding, and the background. The children then set to work on a watercolor self-portrait that tells the viewer something about them. Come and take a look. They are beautiful.

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As a class, we read...


* Could you please bring in one or two photos of family portraits? Thank you. Could you also help your child find two small items to put in a bag that says something about them. This will be for a project called "Bag of Me". These can be left in their cubbies for them to share with the class. We'd like to have all of these in by the end of this week if possible. Thank you!

* We would love to invite you all to come read short five or ten minute stories to our class over the next few weeks. There will be a sign up sheet available in the classroom. We will also plan a little picnic in the park at the end of the day, so we can get to know each other a little better. The date is to be arranged.

* Thank you for all your responses to our multiple questionnaires. If you haven't had a chance to look at them yet, we'd love to hear from you.

See you all on Monday!


Savannah & Mark


To reach us or leave a message, please contact Marjorie or Roberta in the Lower School Office, and we will get back to you promptly: 718 522 1660 ext. 452 or 458.