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Upcoming Events...

Clifford School 2019-2020 Events Schedule

Monday, September 30- 5:30-6:30 ELAC Meeting in room 16 (translation provided)

Walk and Roll to School Day, October 2

10/3, 2/6, 6/5 Super Minimum Days all classes end at 11:45

Thursday, October 3- Super Minimum Day, students released at 11:45 A.M.

10/14- No school

10/17/19 PTO Meeting @ 7:00 PM

10/21-10/25 Scholastic Book Fair

10/21-10/25 Reading Challenge Fundraiser

11/9 Clifford PTO Auction (more info to come)

11/11 No School Veterans Day

11/13/19 End of 1st Trimester

11/19/19 Coffee with the Superintendent @ 8:30 room 16

11/25 & 11/26 Parent/Teacher Conferences (No School for Students)

11/25-11/29 Thanksgiving Week No School

12/6 Winter Family Night

12/20-1/7- Winter Break No School (Students return on 1/8/20)

1/20/20- No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

2/7/20-2/9/20 Clifford School Play

2/24/20-2/28/20- 7th Grade Yosemite Trip!

3/20/20- Lincoln's Day- No School

3/27/20- Family Dance

3/30-4/3 5th Grade Outdoor Education

4/6-4/10- Spring Break- No School

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Coffee & Conversation with the Superintendent 11/19/19

RCSD Superintendent, Dr. John Baker will be at Clifford on November 19, 2019 @ 8:30 in room 16 for coffee and conversation. Please join us!

Clifford School Site Council

The Clifford School Site Council (SSC) discusses various aspects of our school programs, gives input to planning and votes on the school plan and categorical budgets. Council meetings last one hour and are generally held once a month from September to May. Our next meeting will occur at 3:00pm on October 22nd, location is in room 16.
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Donuts with the Deputies at Clifford! 11/8/19 @ 2:45 in room 16!

Our wonderful sheriffs will be joining us monthly and will be available to discuss concerns you may have with the community/safety concerns and or to ask questions of our resource officers! They will be bringing coffee and pastries for each meeting!! The meeting will be in room16! 2:45 on 11/8!

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Clifford ELAC Meeting

We will have our first ELAC meeting of the year on 9/30/19 at 5:30 PM in room 16

The purpose of the ELAC Committee is to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English learners and the SSC on the development of the Single School Plan for Student Achievement.

Please join us!

Common Sense Media- For Parents

As a parent, I am always surprised at the things my children know by perusing sites online. Trying to keep my children away from sites like Pinterest and Youtube is hard enough, and then there are popular social networks like Instagram and Snapchat!

If your child has a phone and/or uses social media accounts, please have frank conversations with them about what they may be posting or viewing online-- as parents, it might be awkward to have this conversation (and your child might resist talking to you about this) but is very important that they are aware of what content might be inappropriate, if they are to see it. They also must know that they can share their concerns about inappropriate content with a trusted adult.

For tips on how to speak to your child about safe internet use, please look at the website And thanks for speaking with your kids about this-- We are in this together!

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Message from the ASB Treasurer, Shellsea Cardenas

Dear, middle school parents,

The ASB will be having a bake sale fundraiser on Friday October 4th at 2:35pm. We will be raising money for our middle school field day event and we are asking parents to donate cupcakes, brownies,cookies and any other baked goods.Please drop them off at Room 38 or the school office no later than Thursday October 3rd. Please and thank you.

Please contact Mrs. Territo at if you have any questions.

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Project Cornerstone

In October we begin Project Cornerstone. This is our 3rd year having this wonderful program at Clifford. From the PTO website, “Project Cornerstone’s Asset Building Champions (ABCs) are caring adults who read books and lead discussions with students in class. Through select stories, we will help build a school-wide language for handling social-emotional and relationship issues and empower students to make good choices. What’s more, ABC readers will connect with students and make a difference in their lives all year long. You can visit their website We are looking for caring parents and adult volunteers who want to engage with students once a month in class (you don’t have to read every month! Any amount of time that you can contribute will be much appreciated For more information or to sign up, please contact Shabnam Moon at

The first book is Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon...

Molly Lou is a unique little girl with big confidence, bolstered by the support of her grandmother. This story illustrates how the support of a caring and loving adult can, along with the recognition of your own personal powers and self-talk, can make one strong and brave to stand up to bullies... and even create change in one's own world.

1st Grade Spotlight Grade of the Month!

1st Grade Teachers Message!

1st Graders are enjoying "Music for Minors" with Ms. Lidia. Many students are having fun learning how a singer must warm up their voice before singing. Music class uses many hand movements to help remember parts of a song. Children are learning music vocabulary, such as, verse, scale, tempo and beats. They get really excited when the instruments come out!

We had so much fun on apple day. We did many activities! We did two different math pages with some addition review and practice. We did an addition center where they had to count the seeds on two apples and then and we did some red flag word practice. If they found particular words, they would have to color them a specific color. They had to sequence little apples with capital alphabet letters on them. They sequenced apples from biggest to smallest. They did one to one correspondence by drawing “seeds” on to apples that had a number. We did a short vowel apple sort with our reading buddies. We also did apple tasting. Thank you to Matthew, Aniliese, Emily, Piers, Henry, Sofia, W.and their families for bringing in treats for Apple Day tasting! If I forgot anyone, I apologize. We thank you very much. We graphed the results and Trader Joe’s Apple Straws were the favorite and Trader Joe’s apple rings was the least favorite (even though it was my favorite this year!) The kids loved it! Thank you also to Michelle (a helper in our room). She ran around and put together 23 plates for tasting and poured 23 cups of juice.. We will have one theme day a month. Our next one is in October. It will be spider day! Spooky! If you have read this far, tell or email Miss Smith what your favorite apple food is. Mine is apple pie!

We have been implementing our SEAL strategies for our first unit about Citizenship, Voting, and Democracy/Being a Good Community Member. I was out last year for 8 days training in this curriculum. I will be going for our next round of training in October. We have done what’s called a Narrative Input. To start it is a four day process. First, the teacher needs to draw a background that would be something you might see in the story. Thank you to my roommate, Kyle, for drawing this background that goes with the story, Duck for President. This story is about a duck who is unhappy with the way the farm is run and so he has an election to become the head of the farm. He later pursues becoming Governor and then President. The pictures from the book have been photocopied and the text is on the back. The teacher reads the text and then puts it on the background in sequential order (that’s why you see tape). On day two, the teacher rereads the story, but this time has designated specific vocabulary so that when she reads the word, the child that has the word on a piece of paper has to come up and put it on the picture. Day three involves rewriting the story in text bubbles. It is not where the whole story is on the front of the card, but rather, the teacher has paraphrased each page as text bubbles. See below…days 1 and 2 together). The fourth day is where the children act out the book. They work on paraphrasing the story. This has been a fun, new way to deliver a story. The kids have really enjoyed it. Some of the children are familiar with it because our new friends from other Redwood City schools have done this last year.

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Walk N' Roll to School Day on October 2!


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Bike Racks

I am working with the facilities department to add more bike racks as we have so many bike riders to our school now! I love seeing the kids being active and riding their bikes/scooters to school! I met with the head of facilities today and we are trying to determine a central location for our new bike racks! Thanks to the families who have advocated for this! More to come!

Message from the Principal...

Hello Dolphin Families!

What a wonderful week we have had at Clifford! It was certainly warm the first few days this week. The students enjoyed being outdoors today with the lovely breeze and mild weather. PE+ was able to be outdoors today and I would like to share some pictures I took today of PE in action! (see below).

Today we had picture day. There were a few glitches that we will be looking at to change for next year in order to make the process go much more smoothly. I am proud of the kids and staff for being flexible and working collaboratively to get the pictures taken and get back to learning.

I am grateful for the support of our families, and we at Clifford feel your generosity and love when you’re supporting our school by volunteering in and out of the classroom and participating in our parent meetings like PTO, SSC, & ELAC. A school that has an involved community is a strong community and one I am so proud of. I am honored and blessed to have the parent/family partnership at Clifford. A special thank you to the many parents who volunteered today during picture day. Thank you a million times over.

Have a wonderful weekend!

In Community,

Jude Noyes


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Clifford School

Principal: Jude Noyes

Vice Principal: Tiffany Parrish

Office Manager: Mayra Guerra

Office Assistant: Maria Stockton